First Post! 😱

First Post Hey guys, since I realised that you get more followers here than on Wordpress. I decided to move on over here. LOL!  Read my posts (only 3) on Wordpress then come on here because it'll give you an idea about me. Thanks!  My Wordpress Blog Imma do a Q&A because some of you may want to know a little a about me: 1.What is your middle name? A: Anu 2. Share you favorite subject in high school. A:Computer Science 3. What is your Favorite drink? A: Orange Juice & Fanta. 4. What is your favorite song at the moment? A: Manyyyy 5. What would you (or have you) name your children? If it's a girl: Tahlia, Aurora, or Aurelia If it's a boy: Noah, Elliot. 6. Have you  participated in any sports? A: Not in school because of my Sickle Cell (I know I'll get a load of pain) but out of school when I'm in pain, yeah. 7. What is your favorite book? A:  Once again, manyyy. 8. What is your favorite color? Black, pastel colours in